Amphibious Cutter

The Marsh Master MM-2 Cutter is a hydraulically driven, two spindle cutting unit that is designed specifically for wetland cutting applications. It is capable of cutting with ease vegetation and brush up to 2” in diameter. The Amphibious Cutter incorporates a specially designed cooling and hydraulics package as well as several safety features. It is fully amphibious and easily transportable with a 3/4 ton or larger truck. The cutter can be removed easily when not in use due to a very simple and reliable three point hitch system. This unit is ideal for applications such as phragmites mitigation, pipeline and right-of-way maintenance, fire fighting, or land management applications in areas that limit the use of a tractor or other types of track equipment.

• A practical alternative to costly aerial herbicide applications or mowing operations in wetland areas inaccessible to non-amphibious equipment.

• Low ground pressure minimizes rutting or damage to sensitive wetland areas.Fully amphibious capability allows access to swamps, marshes and wetland terrain inaccessible by other equipment.

• Two heavy-duty rotary blades cut a 76” swath through deep underbrush and tall marsh grasses.